Southwestern A-1 Pest Control specializes in commercial and industrial vegetation control as well as "bare ground" soil sterilization.

We can provide services to most commercial and industrial businesses including the oil field industry, utility companies, wind turbine farms, truck terminals, refineries and ranch properties.

Particular areas of concern include but are not limited to equipment storage areas, commercial & industrial yard locations, pipe yards, substations, right of ways, remote antenna sites, fence lines, driveways, parking lots, building perimeters, storage and utility areas.
Oil Patch
Uncontrolled brush and vegetation is not only a visual nuisance, but left unchecked it can quickly become overgrown and turn into a major hinderance to your daily operations. This overgrowth of weeds, brush and trees can hide tools and materials causing tripping hazards and hindering work crews.

Attempting to control these areas with weed whackers, mowers, rakes and hoes can be a costly and time consuming drain on your company's manpower.

Call Southwestern A-1 Pest Control today for a much faster and far less costly solution to your brush and vegetation problems.

Our team of professionals will treat these areas in a way that will provide a clear and safe work surface free from any vegetation that may cause an unsafe working environment.

Allowing us to control and/or eradicate these nuisances with herbicidal treatments and a customized maintenance program will free up your company's manpower to resume normal operations.
Fence Lines
Pipe Yards


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